River Parish Investigative Services has continued to merge the many facets of investigations to offer a comprehensive array of services.  We are headquartered in Laplace, Louisiana.  We employ the talents of specialists in surveillance and special investigations.  Our investigators are licensed, insured and specifically trained to handle any situation in order to capture and document the evidence that our clients may require to complete their claim.



We locate missing person, as well as missing witnesses. Often civil suit will involve neutral witness testimony, and often those witnesses are not easy to find. We can locate these individuals and aid them in giving testimony for your case.

Who needs a Private Investigator?

Our services are utilized by many people and businesses, such as:
Background checks to verify the credentials of would be employees or businesses
Defendants in civil cases involving injuries to verify the truthfulness of the plaintiffs, and thus helping to deter frivolous lawsuits.
Anyone seeking to locate a missing or out of touch loved one
Investigation of the fitness of parents in child custody cases
Serving legal documents as agents of the court


We offer a wide variety of services:

  • Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Surveillance & Investigations

  • Divorce/Child Custody Surveillance & Investigations

  • Skip Trace & Location Services (Find Someone)

  • Process Service/Service of Process

  • Court Research

  • Legal Support

  • Insurance/Workers Comp. Surveillance & Investigations

  • Background Checks & Pre-Employment Screening

  • Criminal & Civil Investigations

  • Information & Searches

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